We support your Business Development projects in Pharmaceuticals, Medtech & Food
for Human and Animal use

Projects can be split in modules

Hands-on support

Multiple languages

Well-established international network

Up-to-date & transparent project management

Result driven remuneration

Flexible cancellation policy

Project Types

Territory selection

Document preparation

Long listing of partner companies

Short listing of partner companies

Competitive, time-driven exchange with Partner companies

Term Negotiations

Agreement Negotiations

Alliance Management

Definition of portfolio needs

Definition of product candidates

Scouting of the market

Presentation of product candidates in defined formats

Support in term & agreement negotiation

Alliance management

Definition of need

Long listing of potential targets

Short listing of potential targets

Contacting decision makers, without disclosing customer details

Negotiate interest in transaction

Support in term & agreement negotiations

Integration support

Strategy elaboration

Strategy validation

Strategy implementation

Support in critical business decisions

Market size & environment

Analysis of political-economic risks & opportunities

Competitive intelligence

Targeted approach of potential candidates

Pre-interviews with testing on exclusion criteria

Presentation of suitable candidates in a defined format

Support till closing of employment agreement

Recognition of our work

  • Awards
    • Top 100 Healthcare Leaders ( Awarded to Mario Schäfer,  CEO at 1IB International Business GmbH,  International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare,  IFAH, Dubai 2019 )